Fashion’s Pimp Up Posse: Leather, Sneakers and Community ID


  • Kayla Owen Liverpool John Moores University



Leather, Sneakers, Sub-culture, Customisation, Unique


The purpose of this research is to assess the value of an alternative production approach to leather (specifically customisation --- noun --- the action of modifying something to suit a particular individual or task) and examine the sub cultural sneaker group who subscribe to, or are central to the craft of customisation. The people who are defined by the need for individuality. The study seeks to establish if this sub-group are rethinking and developing a new relationship towards dress and creating an alternative leather fashion aesthetic through their pursuit of unique. The spectacle of these items, in this case sneakers, becomes the display, the piece by which the wearer wishes to be noticed. But it also serves to question our fundamental philosophies of ready-to-wear fashion, and if our clothing and footwear can be honed and changed into new and unique items, the desirability and wanton aspect is altered. Style elevation, ownership and longevity improve the life cycle of these fashion items. This rethinking between sneaker and wearer who will pimp up, restore, custom and convert in order to sustain and nurture the item develops a new, more ethical and flexible connection towards attire. One which could influence future ways of seeing leather fashion items.


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