Teaching Fashion in a Complex Society


  • Emanuela Scarpellini Università degli Studi di Milano




Fashion Education, Milan University, Triple Helix, Fashion Courses, Age of Complexity


This paper analyzes the issues related to the establishment of an academic fashion course in our age of complexity. It shows the transition from studies focused on the analysis of the fashion object, with reference to the history of costume and the history of art, to studies focused on the complex of productive, cultural and communicative activities that established the current fashion system. It also shows the correspondence of the course launched at the University of Milan with respect to the so-called “Triple Helix” cultural policy. It therefore refers to the connections among the three poles of the virtuous exchange relationship: first, the university, with its research centers and scientific and educational activities; secondly, the world of work, with the relationship with representatives of companies and various entities in the fashion world, as well as the promotion of internships; finally, the third pole consists of the national and European government and the various initiatives to support innovative aspects and sustainable fashion.


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