Journal History

Following is a brief summary of the history of ZoneModa Journal.

The project stems from an idea of the professors of the Fashion Studies degree programme at the University of Bologna, Rimini Campus.

The first two issues were managed by Maria Giuseppina Muzzarelli, who, together with the editorial staff of those years, defined the main characteristics of the editorial project, establishing the two macro sections that make up the journal today. The first of the two macro sections focuses on a specific topic (main part). The second, called “Backstage”, is subdivided in turn into a series of subsections (work in progress – interviews – reviews – exhibitions – collateral thinking). Connecting these two parts is a photographic insert associated with the issue’s topic (up until issue 6 there was also an annotated bibliography).

Essays from different perspectives related to the issue’s topic are published in the main part. The authors who until now have participated in the publication of the journal include both renowned scholars and new researchers. In fact, the intent of ZoneModa Journal is to be a place of dialogue welcoming and promoting the proposals of experts alongside those of young scholars. Furthermore, it also seeks to create a space where traditional theories and points of view can interact with the ideas and analyses of new experts.

The Backstage section includes short articles, reviews and observations on new developments and cultural trends that can be linked to the world of fashion and culture in general.

The structure has remained practically identical over time. However, many changes have been made over the years. In 2013 the journal’s management was handed over to Antonella Mascio. In that same year (Issue 3, Pop Culture) the articles were subjected to the double blind peer review procedure initially carried out by the editorial staff, then managed by a group of external reviewers. The issues were published on a regular basis, once a year until 2017. Starting in 2018 the journal will be published every six months. The members of the scientific committee change constantly and the number of scholars having international prominence is increasing.

Up to issue 6 (Futuri Possibili, 2016) the magazine was published in two different formats: the Italian version was both paper and digital; the English only digital. From issue 7 (Moda e Cultura della Celebrità, 2017) ZoneModa is available in digital format only, and the articles are published only in one language: Italian or English.

In short, the desire of management is to continue to update and change the project based on constant and continuous work that includes the observation of the operating world of fashion and the theoretical horizon of Fashion Studies, with its many facets.