Dealing with Objects, Dealing with Data. The Role of the Archive in Curating and Disseminating Fashion Culture through Digital Technologies


  • Angelica Vandi Politecnico di Milano



Augmented Archive, Fashion Heritage, Digital Technologies, Object-Driven, Data-Driven


 The article aims to outline innovation trajectories emerging from the integration of digital technologies within fashion culture-intensive domains, especially when dealing with historicized fashion heritage preserved within an archive. Indeed, despite the technologies' potential in unfolding the cultural artefacts' tacit knowledge to rethink fruition and production practices in fashion cultural domains, technological applications within these fields remain not integrated and their experimental attempts pedagogical and superficially descriptive. Through an understanding of the logics underlying the development of new media languages and human-computer interactions, knowledge arising from close readings of archival objects, as well as from distant readings of digital records, will highlight the potential related to the disclosure of knowledge preserved and collected in the archive. Following the Design Orienting Scenarios approach, the archive will serve as the context to develop innovation trajectories to appropriately redefine existing cultural expressions and visualize future cultural patterns for the fashion field.


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