ZoneModa Journal. Vol.13 n.2 (2023)
ISSN 2611-0563


Daniela CalancaUniversity of Bologna (Italy)

Simona Segre ReinachUniversity of Bologna (Italy)

Published: 2023-12-20

It is with great pleasure that we present the December issue of Zonemoda Journal, edited by Emanuela Scarpellini and dedicated to the relationship between fashion and history. It is, as we know, a complex relationship on which, over time, fashion scholars, exhibition curators, and archivists have questioned themselves; and they continue to do so because of the complexity that this relationship has highlighted, ever since the birth of Parisian haute couture, from which derives the binomial fashion and modernity, which is under constant scrutiny these days. Fashion, as we know, is a form of cultural expression rooted in the context of its time. Historical events, social movements and cultural changes shape the way people dress and, in turn, fashion becomes a visual narrative of history. Fashion reflects societal values and norms, but fashion also has the power to challenge norms and provoke reflection. Fashion designers and creative directors increasingly complement their style choices with explicit political or social statements, addressing issues such as gender equality, environmental awareness, or cultural diversity. It is an ongoing dialogue, that between fashion and history, to which this issue aims to contribute with a selection of essays covering different aspects of a dynamic relationship that is always surprising in its facets.

We wish you all a good read and happy holidays for the upcoming festivities.

Simona Segre-Reinach e Daniela Calanca