ZoneModa Journal. Vol.12 n.1 (2022)
ISSN 2611-0563


Daniela CalancaUniversità di Bologna (Italy)

Grazia D’AnnunzioUniversità degli studi di Milano (Italy)

Published: 2022-07-11

This issue of Zone Moda Journal is dedicated to the study of the relationships between Fashion and Communication. The issue’s aim is to encourage  and develop a critical and innovative thinking within the fashion territory, in either a theoretical or practical perspective. Through historical analysis and new developments, fashion communication — along with its spread and awareness — plays more than ever a pivotal role in the varied tapestry of our contemporary society. In this regard the curators would like to offer a double guidance of reading and analyzing the aforementioned topics, pairing an academic-scientific approach with a professional one, thanks to a group of invited authors who work in fashion communication field. Two approaches that indeed show, in a national and international perspective, how articulated and structured is nowadays this sphere of interest.